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As of now, I have two posts, and neither of them really count as “blogs.” They’re more like updates, so everyone knows what’s going on with me and the website.


Check out the “About Me” page. It explains my reasons for starting this blog in the first place. Essentially, I love writing, and I think everyone should enjoy a book or two every now and again, and what better way to see what others find interesting than reading book reviews and writings by someone you know?!


You should also check out the page entitled “The Non-Reader’s Guide to Good Books.” I realize there are people out there that don’t read. Like my sister. And because of that, I decided to have a section devoted to books she finds interesting enough to focus on. I plan on updating it as she gets older, reads more in college, and changes her favorites, so be sure to look at it every once in a while!


One of the things I’ve decided to post on here are reviews of different books I read. I tend to read a variety of things, books I already own, ones I find in the library, or books I kidnapped from my Aunt Kathy, so there shouldn’t be any boredom with genre or style! My first review I plan to write very soon will be over a trilogy of fantasy novels by Phillip Pullman, one of which I’m sure you’ve heard of, if not seen on the silver screen. Keep an eye out for that!


Another idea I had was to publish short stories online. I think people enjoy reading short stories because they’re short and there’s less to focus on compared with a 350 page novel. I love writing stories, so I will definitely post some of mine on here, but I also plan on publishing some of my friends’ pieces for a change of pace and style, and to get their writing out in the world too. I’m not nearly as good a writer as some of them, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy their pieces as much as I will.


I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will! I love comments and emails too, so if you have any ideas or opinions, please post them or email them to me as soon as I get the email running. I also think debating about literature and writing never hurt anyone, so if your opinion conflicts with someone else’s, feel free to let the world know! A little healthy debate is fine by me, so long as it doesn’t get too dirty. Overall, enjoy this site. Read. Write. Live!

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