New, crazy ideas

I’ve been thinking.


I understand that I haven’t been keeping up with book reviews like I should, and therefore I want to add some things to make this site more exciting and enjoyable to read.


My main idea is mini-blogging. I have several things coming up, and want to document these events so that everyone can read them, from when I start writing to when the event is over. I hope that sounds interesting to you!


Another idea that I’ve had is more short stories. If you would like to submit a short story for publishing (or, more like posting and getting your work out in the world), I’d love to hear from you! The more writers, the merrier. If you want to do essays, that’s cool, or even mini-blogs from all you daily life writers. If you want to write reviews on novels, poetry, biographies, anthologies, textbooks, or essays, I’m down! Just contact me and we can talk!


Any questions, comments or suggestions? Contact me!

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