Girl on Fire: My relaxing vacation is next week

Centerville Park[As seen in Creston News Advertiser, August 7, 2014]

Studies show taking vacations is healthy. And, while I covered Osceola Sentinel-Tribune for Amy during her week of vacation, I will be taking my week vacation starting Monday.

But, instead of going to South Dakota, like Amy, or some trendy beachside city on the west coast, I will be driving to my parents’ and mowing all week.

According to a Forbes Magazine story published in February, vacations improve the economy and personal health. Productivity can be increased because of time off, which in turn improves the economy. Personal health also is better because people are less stressed.

However, I’ve missed mowing. My parents own a mowing business, Clipper Lawn Service, in Centerville. Ever since they started the company in 2009, I spent my summer vacations mowing, trimming and spraying Centerville cemeteries, parks and other lots in the area.

So, even though I will still be working, I think the mowing will be a good relaxing break for me.

For one, I’ll be in the sun. Studies have shown all that natural vitamin D can do wonders for a person’s physical health and emotions. That is probably what I’ve missed the most about mowing during the summer, the sunshine, bright green grass and crystal blue sky.

Another thing that will be nice is spending time with my parents. I see them occasionally throughout the year, but now I’ll be able to spend more time with them. I am excited to spend evenings sitting with them eating dinner, watching TV and talking.

A third reason is I’ll be away from Creston. Just like in any city, time spent away makes you refreshed. While I’ll only be gone for five days, I can’t wait to come back refreshed and ready for work in the wonderful town of Creston again.

Even though I’ll be working most of the day every day, I do plan to get some destressing workouts in. I have a Warrior Dash coming up in Earlham, and while I feel decent about it, I know I could use all the training I can get.

But, overall, I think the time away will be good for me. You can’t get much better than spending time with family, relaxing, earning some extra money and enjoying the outdoors.

The photo is of Morgan E. Cline Park in Centerville, Iowa. The park includes a pool, disc golf course, playground and tennis court.

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