Girl on Fire: Musical, races make for great weekend

[As seen in Creston News Advertiser, May 7, 2015]

Last weekend I had the opportunity to see a modern production of “The Lion King” Saturday at the Des Moines Civic Center.

That was probably one of the best productions I’ve ever seen.

When I was younger, I had the chance to see “Wicked” on stage in Chicago, then I saw “Jersey Boys” while I was overseas in college. But, neither of them were nearly as modern as “The Lion King.”

I enjoyed being able to relate to the show. I grew up watching the Disney film with my sister, singing the songs and being afraid for the little lion cubs throughout the movie. But, as an adult, the major themes are even more interesting to me.

The musical follows the film fairly closely, but there is more emphasis put on Scar’s rule, and Nala’s need to find help for her pride of lions. I also felt there was more emphasis put on Simba’s feelings about the death of his father, which I suppose would be difficult to discuss in a children’s movie.

I sat through the production with my mom, sister and aunt before leaving the theater in awe. I was so happy to have been able to go and witness the show, and I hope I can have that opportunity again.

Then, to make the weekend even better, I was able to go to the Adams County Speedway in Corning to take photos for a story I’ve been working on for our upcoming Creston Living magazine.

I had been to the races before with my friend Jeff Baker several years ago, and again last year with Shawna Creveling and Lee Freeman. But, this time, I was down in the pits with Shawna and some people she knows. I got photos of the heat races from the top of a trailer, and talked with lots of different people.

By the time the features were on, I was no longer taking photos, but just enjoying myself. The low rumble of the cars was exhilarating, and I really hope I make it back over to watch the races again in the future.

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