Green, John

Reviews of books by the author John Green

  • Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

    Title: Paper Towns Author: John Green Series: None Published: September 2009 Publisher: Speak Pages: 305 From: Walmart Rating: 9/10 A long time ago, like probably ten years or so, I got the novel Looking for Alaska from Barnes and Noble or somewhere. The candle on the cover had caught my eye. I read it and […]

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  • Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

    Title: The Fault in Our Stars Author: John Green Published: 2012 Publisher: Dutton Books Pages: 313 From: Walmart Rating: 6/10 I love John Green. Ever since I found his first novel Looking for Alaska wherever it was that I found it, Green has been someone I’ve always thought was a perfect writer for teens. Unfortunately, […]

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