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Book Review: Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulsen

Brian's WinterTitle: Brian’s Winter
Author: Gary Paulsen
Series: Brian’s Saga #2)
Published: January 1996
Publisher: Ember
Pages: 133
From: Barnes and Noble
Rating: 7/10

When Brian’s first adventure, the plane crash in Canada, ended, it was the end of his story. Brian was done. He managed to survive based on his very basic skill set until he was saved. However, I was like most people when the end of Brian’s story happened because I felt his story really wasn’t ended.

I felt his story ended too early, he wasn’t really tested.

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Girl on Fire: Why Cecil’s death matters

[As seen in Creston News Advertiser, August 6, 2015]

There has been a lot of uproar about Cecil the Lion, a mascot of Zimbabwe, Africa, and his death by an American dentist. I saw so many posts on social media and news stories by Time and BBC that I couldn’t read anything else online for a couple days.

For those who hadn’t heard much about this, Cecil the Lion was lured from his animal reserve within a national park in Zimbabwe by a team of hunters who tied a dead animal to the top of their truck. The American dentist shot Cecil with a bow and tracked him for 40 hours before shooting him with a rifle, beheaded and skinned the animal and left the rest for the scavengers.

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