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  • Book Review: Atlantia by Ally Condie

    Title: Atlantia Author: Ally Condie Series: None Published: 2014 Publisher: Dutton Penguin Pages: 298 From: Barnes and Noble Rating: 7/10 I saw the cover of Atlantia by Ally Condie one day while I perused Barnes and Noble’s website, and immediately I was hooked. Recently, I’ve been breaking into the young adult genre for unknown reasons, […]

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  • Book Review: Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

    Title: Dark Eden Author: Chris Beckett Series: Dark Eden Published: 2012 Publisher: Corvus Pages: 441 From: Barnes and Noble Rating: 9/10 Imagine a world with no sun. The air is chilled, everything is dark. But, thanks to the darkness, creatures and plants have developed amazing ways to light the way. Then, imagine living on that […]

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