Top Ten Lists

Sing You HomeI’ve decided to make some Top Ten lists (based on what I’ve read) for those that want some good literature to read. :) There are many different genres and age groups books can be categorized under, so I’ll start with a few, and work my way up with them. Enjoy!


Top Ten Biographies

Top Ten Classics

Top Ten Comedies

Top Ten Comic Books

Top Ten Fantasies

Top Ten Historical Fiction novels

Top Ten Historical Nonfiction novels

Top Ten Horror novels

Top Ten Mysteries

Top Ten Science Fiction novels

Top Ten Short Stories

Top Ten Westerns

Top Ten Young Adult novels


Here are some Top Ten lists of movies based on books. I think being able to view what you read sometimes makes comprehending what you read even easier, and more fun. Hopefully you check these films out after reading the novels they’re based on!


Top Ten Biography movies

Top Ten Classic movies

Top Ten Comedy movies

Top Ten Comic Book movies

Top Ten Fantasy movies

Top Ten Historical Fiction movies

Top Ten Historical Nonfiction movies

Top Ten Horror movies

Top Ten Mystery movies

Top Ten Science Fiction movies

Top Ten Short Story movies

Top Ten Western movies

Top Ten Young Adult movies


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