Girl on Fire: Just a few updates

[As seen in Creston News Advertiser, March 19, 2015]

Recently, the other reporters and I have been working on Progress, a special section in the Creston News Advertiser that will last five days next week.

I have to say, everyone in the newsroom and other news departments have been working so hard for this section to succeed. This is my third Progress here in Creston, and I am glad for it because, despite the long hours in front of a computer screen and tedious transcription, I have met so many interesting people in our five-county coverage area.

I also want to thank Courtney Dake, who happened to be gone on a week-long spring break during Progress week, because with her gone longer than a day, everyone in the newsroom has picked up part of her work. And, my goodness, does Courtney do a lot for us!

Once Progress is finally over, I am excited to say I will be part of two teams and two individuals from Creston Fire Department who will be climbing four Des Moines buildings for the Iowa Fight For Air climb Sunday.

This is the first year the event includes four buildings, instead of three, but despite that I think it’ll be a great time. Last year, some of the firefighters, significant others and I went out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, so I’m hoping we all get together again and enjoy the fact that we finished.

I have been at Southern Prairie YMCA several days a week using the stair climber in the cardio room, as well as walk/jogging outside in the spring sunshine to prepare for this. It’s always great having my neighbor’s dog Diesel to keep me company on my jogs along the country gravel roads.

Now that the sunshine is out, spilling its golden beams down, I can’t wait until the temperature rises and stays there. Summer is my favorite season, but spring as a transition from snow flurries and sleet is a welcomed change.

Another perk to the sunshine is spring cleaning and being able to do some outside work. I have so many ideas for home improvement and decoration ideas, so maybe this is the year I actually finish something on my Pinterest list.

I always love finishing any project I start, even though sometimes it takes me awhile to get there. It could be a long time between start and finish, but once I finally get around to completing something, I relish the moment, as I’m sure most others do.

I hope everyone has a wonderful beginning to spring and takes advantage of the warm weather; sooner or later, winter will come knocking. Enjoy!

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