Poolman, Bailey

Short stories written by Bailey Poolman

  • Jezebel, Part 5

    Jezebel woke to a shot of lightning. The room was bright as day for a moment, then went dark. She felt around for Elijah but didn’t find him. She sat up in the bed. The fire was out. Rain pounded on the roof and lightning lit the room again. The rain comforted her, natural noises […]

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  • Jezebel, Part 4

    Jezebel walked into the woods. The morning was warmer than she’d expected, but it was cloudy and cold still. She weaved through the trees, by the river clouded with ice, and past the bends in the water. She went west and stopped suddenly. A large doe stood lapping water at the edge of the river. […]

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  • Jezebel, Part 3

    Jezebel walked to the supplies cellar to go over inventory. She made rationing charts for the families in the village, setting aside a little extra for emergencies. There were two fresh deer hanging in the corner, and she saw the wolf hanging next to the older one. The body was turned with its back to […]

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  • Jezebel, Part 2

    Jezebel hung back as the hunting group went into the trees to find more game. There was no breeze, but the still cold was almost worse than ripping wind. She watched Elijah crawl through a particularly rough patch of brush, saw Jeremiah step lightly along the dead leaves behind the other men of the camp. […]

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  • Jezebel, Part 1

    The sky was a dusty white through the dead trees. Jezebel came close to a cabin and heard her heart thump. The scent of roasting meat wafted and the door glowed warmly around the edges. She knocked on the door. Elijah answered. “Jez,” he said. “What’re you doing here?” “Hey. I…I was just going around […]

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