Tag: World War II

  • Girl on Fire: Happy anniversary

    [As seen in Creston News Advertiser, August 20, 2015] Today is Aug. 20. Historical events for today include: • the American Civil War ended in 1866, • NASA launched Voyager 2 into space in 1977, • in 1988, a ceasefire was agreed upon after almost eight years of fighting in the Iran-Iraq War, • in […]

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  • Girl on Fire: How meth has slowly changed the firefighting game

    [As seen in Creston News Advertiser, February 20, 2014] Sitting in a classroom full of firefighters from across the state of Iowa, I watched as John Ticer, special agent with Iowa Fire Marshal’s Office, flipped through a PowerPoint slideshow explaining the recipe and how to make methamphetamine. Ticer taught Meth Lab Awareness, a class available […]

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  • Book Review: The Wave by Todd Strasser

    Title: The Wave Author: Todd Strasser Published: 1981 Publisher: Dell Pages: 144 From: Barnes and Noble Rating: 7/10 In the 1960s, a teacher in California experimented with his high school history class to explain how the mob mentality worked during World War II and the Nazi rule. The experiment succeeded, in more ways than one. […]

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