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  • Girl on Fire: I feel lucky knowing those in law enforcement

    [As seen in Creston News Advertiser, October 16, 2014] Recently, I met a man who had a very cynical view of the world. He thought everyone was out to ruin others’ reputations, and he certainly disliked any and all forms of law enforcement. I will say I’m an idealist, but I’m also a realist. I […]

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  • Girl on Fire: My relaxing vacation is next week

    [As seen in Creston News Advertiser, August 7, 2014] Studies show taking vacations is healthy. And, while I covered Osceola Sentinel-Tribune for Amy during her week of vacation, I will be taking my week vacation starting Monday. But, instead of going to South Dakota, like Amy, or some trendy beachside city on the west coast, […]

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