1000 Word Story 2

The light begins to peek through my curtains. A hint of what is to come. Slowly I begin to stir. Shadows begin to dance on the walls of my room. A prism shines fragmented rainbows across the brown shaggy rug, up the wooden walls and onto the white patterned roof. The curtains glow orange as the light pounds on them. Bleeding all around the frame, the colour fills the room. The bed is soft and the sheets are warm. A cozy little cocoon, but one cannot remain a caterpillar forever.

Wrestling with my covers, I begin to wonder what the day will have in store. The battle between the bliss of sleep and the call of the adventure a new day promises has ended. Jumping out of bed I dash to the washroom. Turning on the shower, the warm water seems to wash away any feelings of fatigue I may have had left. Refreshed, I head back to my room. Throwing on some clothes, I am ready to face the world!

Sauntering down the stairs I am greeted by the warm, inviting smell of bacon cooking over in the kitchen. As I get closer I can begin to hear the friendly chatter of my family over the sizzling of the bacon. The hash-browns and eggs are sitting on the table, ready to be placed on a plate and fuel any activities that could be thrown our way. Slowly everyone comes down from their own cocoons and breakfast can begin. The large wooden table seems to have plenty of room for all of us. We chat idly. Everyone seems to have slept quite well. The serenity of this place is quite contagious. Casually the conversation migrates to the day ahead. What are we all to do? Ideas abound, seems that everyone is up to something different. Suddenly a few of us look up and peer out the back window of the kitchen. Our eyes catch a glimpse of the sun reflecting off the water, then we all look back at each other. Did someone mention the lake? I think we have a winner.

Leaving our plates at the table we run out the back door. The long wooden dock creeks as we run across their old, but still very strong and stable planks. As we reach the end some of us stop, but quickly we are pushed into the lake by the rest. Splashing for dear life in the not yet warmed up water, we all pretend that it is not cold. The sun starts to beat down on us hard and soon we no longer need to pretend. Time passes as we play around, and slowly our eyes turn to the boat.

Pushing and shoving we all clamor to get back onto the dock. Covered in leaches half of us rush to the boat. The engine makes a mighty roar as the boat starts up. Pushing down on the accelerator we tear away from the dock. The tube that is tied to the back flies off the dock. We all take turns being tossed around by the waves in the wake of the boat. Traveling around the lake, you seem to forget where you are. Looking over the front of the boat, watching the water flow past you so quickly it almost feels as if you are being skipped across the lake like a flat stone. From the back of the boat you watch the tube tossing and turning, almost flipping over many times. It takes a skilled rider to control such a unruly craft. Finally it is my turn.

The boat slows and I swim out to the tube. Timidly I climb up, fully aware but not even slightly prepared for the ride that I am about to undertake. Once aboard I get myself settled. I give the signal to the boat and away we go. With a tug the tube takes off after the boat, almost as if we are chasing them. We take a corner and as we cross the wake the tube flies up in the air. Almost skillfully I maneuver the tube into landing and we continue on. The boat turns again, but this time it is too much for me. I am thrown and with a yelp I go flying head over heels into the water. The boat stops and turns around. With slight concern everyone aboard begins to look at where I fell, but when I emerge laughing everyone relaxes and the next victim prepares to board the tube. Content with my adventure, I swim back to the shore. After a small hike back to the cabin I find a nice, quiet spot to string my hammock for a peaceful nap in the sun. Slowly I drift off to the waves.

As I awake I stare out across the calm lake, the ripples no bigger than anthills. The far shore appears untouched, as if no one has ever been across the lake. The dock with the boat are at rest, having earned a break after a long day at play. The shrieks and giggles still echo across the water. The reeds seem mysterious, hiding all sorts of critters who are not ready to end their day. Swaying softly in the breeze they seem to call out for one last attempt at catching frogs and snakes. The flowers are almost ready to curl up for the night, giving off their best colours before bedtime. The dark clouds have a long gash, as if the sun has cut out a line. Somehow with the sun peeking through the clouds, the foreboding feeling is lost. The reflection of the sun in the water makes it look like there are almost three suns. One in the clouds, one at the far shore and one by the near bank. A more picturesque scene I could not imagine. A most perfect end to a perfect day. Now it is time to prepare, as it is the start of the perfect night.


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