Book Review: The White Rose by Amy Ewing

The White RoseTitle: The White Rose
Author: Amy Ewing
Series: Lone City #2
Published: October 2015
Publisher: HarperTeen
From: Barnes and Noble
Rating: 9/10

I was perusing the Barnes and Noble app on my phone when I came across a book with a shiny white cover of a flower and a girl in the center. It caught my attention and I looked at the overview of the novel. I discovered it was part of a series and purchased immediately the debut novel and its companion: The Jewel and The White Rose.

The White Rose, the second in the Lone City series by author Amy Ewing, is the continuation of the story that started in The Jewel. A young woman named Violet Lasting is chosen to be a surrogate by a wealthy royal duchess, whereupon she accidentally falls in love with a male suitor for the duchess’s niece and eventually escapes the confines of the Jewel.

The continuation depicts the escape of Violet and her companions, and the next steps she takes to prove her powers, and her body, aren’t to be controlled.

If it were possible, Ewing made this novel even better than the first. She depicted the characters of Ash, Violet and Raven as going through some turmoil, and their development to begin going in the direction they need. She built on the world she started, telling bits of the history through the wonderfully woven plot. Nothing within the story was superfluous or awkward, and the message Ewing emblazoned in the ink was more than just a teenage fantasy adventure.

Similar to previous reviews of young adult novels, my only wish is that this had been written for the adult demographic. Not because what Ewing did was bad, but that I feel she could have gone into even greater detail, expanded on the darkness and evil, for the adult world.

But, in the end, that doesn’t matter because Ewing wrote what she wrote, and what she wrote is a beautifully-detailed latticework of plot, character and hope. I truly cannot wait until the third Lone City novel is in my hands.

The White Rose is the second in the Lone City trilogy by American author Amy Ewing. The first, The Jewel, was released in 2014, and third will be released in 2016. For the review of Ewing’s second novel by¬† Bookworm Dreams, click here.

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